Spectos Healthcare Patient Surveys

Continuous patient surveys to improve service quality and patient satisfaction

Patients find themselves in a special life situation. During this particular time their wishes and needs are just as special. The task of the healthcare provider is to provide its patients with the best possible care, which goes far beyond medical treatment. To understand the needs and expectations of patients, a systematic and continuous survey of patient satisfaction is necessary.

The patient survey is an effective and invaluable tool in detecting and resolving issues within a hospital or any medical organization. The results from such surveys enable the regular improvement of service quality for an entire health organization. A high patient satisfaction is an important foundation for long-term success.

Hybrid patient surveys with Spectos Healthcare

With Spectos Healthcare we enable to conduct the continuous measurement of patient satisfaction, regardless of location, staff and survey channel. Patients are given the choice of their preferred communication channel. They can submit their ratings via SMS, email, short link, QR code, app, terminal, smartphone, tablet or the classic paper questionnaire. A significant increase in the response rate and a reduction in costs is therefore certain and you will receive significantly more accurate and valid results.

Your advantages of patient surveys with Spectos Healthcare:

  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring of quality criteria (e.g. care, accessibility, catering, accommodation, logistics and treatment success)
  • Insights into all stages of patient treatment
  • High response rates
  • Realization of short-term surveys
  • Fast and clear evaluation of your individual quality criteria according to department, ward, illness, etc.
  • Benchmarking of clinics and individual wards
  • Tracking of development of individual quality dimensions over time
  • Significantly more cost-effective than conventional processes
  • Survey via patient terminals, e.g. Siemens HiMed® Cockpit or Philips CareServant
  • Efficient complaint management in accordance with given guidelines
  • Conformity to the PEQ survey method (Patients’ Experience Questionnaire, White List), 4QD by Qualitä
  • Cost and time savings
  • Low personnel costs
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of internal processes
  • Quick response to criticism and problems
  • Consideration of special patient groups through customizable questionnaires

Patient Surveys made easy

With the use of multiple communication channels, you can optimally adapt to the individual needs of your patients so that they are willing to participate. In doing so, we coordinate the use of the respective survey methods with your specific objectives. We guide you throughout the process of quality management, from creating your questionnaires to providing your prepared survey results.

Whether via smartphone, classic paper questionnaire or an installed terminal within your health ward: the Spectos survey system always receives feedback from your patient, at the right place, at the right time. We ensure that you also adequately address target group-sensitive patient groups, such as children or patients undergoing psychiatric treatment.

QR codes are a great means to link analog and digital world. They are easy to integrate at contact points such as discharge papers, invoices or information material. Link relevant documents and papers with straightforward references to your surveys via QR codes.

Receive the results of your survey in a custom cockpit. Thanks to real-time transmission of data, you always have access to up-to-the-minute reporting. An integrated ticket system displays all current complaints and concerns in a structured manner so that you can carry out an ongoing and uniform complaint management.


  • Transmission of the questionnaires via SMS, email, shortlink, QR code, app, terminal, smartphone, tablet, patient terminal or by paper questionnaire
  • Real-time data transfer to custom cockpit
  • Integration into existing HIS/ CRM systems via interface (eg SAP, IS-H, Afga Orbis, Siemens)
  • No separate installation required with open source cloud technology
  • Ticket system with real-time alerts
  • Access roles allow different permissions, reports, and representations
  • Optional digitization service for paper questionnaires

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