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Multi-channel Surveys are the Key to Better Service Quality

In the healthcare sector, multichannel surveys are increasingly replacing the cumbersome methodology of paper surveys. Offering different communication channels allows respondents the choice of their preferred method of communication, thus ensuring a higher survey participation.

Using a hybrid approach to satisfaction surveys, Spectos offers a solution with which you can always pick up your respondents at the right moment. By offering several survey channels, you can orientate yourself according to the needs of your respondents at each contact point of the customer journey. With our solution in the healthcare sector, the satisfaction of your patients, staff and referrers in every department and for every location can be measured, evaluated and controlled. Start your active complaint management today!

Your advantages from multi-channel surveys for patients, referrers and employees

  • Easy-to-use, varied communication channels in your corporate design
  • Flexible and agile customization options for all survey instruments and questionnaires
  • High user-friendliness reduces the abort rate
  • Continuous and representative data collection
  • Surveys can be carried out at any time and from any location, offline & online
  • Reports, evaluations and presentations can be called up at any time in the Spectos Healthcare Cockpit
  • Automatic creation of tickets for critical evaluations
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Application and benefits of multi-channel surveys with Spectos Healthcare

Spectos’ multi-channel surveys adapt to the different needs of your respondents and ensure a high willingness to participate by offering multiple communication channels. In close cooperation with your experts we develop a multi-channel strategy that is geared to your needs and reaches your respondents at all important points of contact.

patient survey at a hospital
team analyses the results of the multi-channel surveys

Get a transparent overview into the wishes and needs of your respondents. Don’t limit yourself to patient surveys when using your multi-channel strategy. The feedback received from your staff and referring physicians via employee surveys and referrer surveys is equally valuable and important. By setting up a closed group of participants, we ensure that only the intended group of people has access to the survey intended for them. Unique access keys (tokens) ensure anonymity and increase the willingness to participate in internal surveys.

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Customized survey strategy with individual performance reports

In addition to communication systems such as email, terminal, tablet or smartphone, traditional paper questionnaires can be used. Send us the completed questionnaires and we will digitize the results so that these data can be incorporated into the overall evaluation. You can also make use of our support centre and benefit from a personal complaint management for your patients via our service hotline. We collect your feedback and pass it on so that you can take the right action immediately.

Complaint hotline as part of the multi-channel healthcare surveys
report about multichannel surveys in the healthcare cockpit

At any time, you can retrieve the automatically transmitted data from your satisfaction surveys in your custom cockpit, allowing you to benchmark your hospitals or healthcare departments and take immediate actions on negative feedback. Improve your service quality with a structured and accurate complaint management ticket system based on your multi-channel strategy.

Technology aspects of multi-channel survey solutions

  • Seamless HIS integration via API
  • Communication systems: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Tablet, Terminal, QR Code and Shortlink
  • Optional digitization service for paper-based surveys via Spectos Support Center
  • Optional closed survey groups with anonymous access keys
  • Start and stop surveys, allowing to resume surveys at a later stage without loss of information
  • Native Apps for iOS and Android