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Add a Personal Touch to your Complaint Management with Spectos Service Hotline for Better Patient Satisfaction

High patient satisfaction is one of the key factors in the long-term success plans of healthcare organizations. In addition to the continuous measurement of patient satisfaction, a structured inquiry and complaint management is necessary for the improvement and early detection of systematic errors. Spectos Healthcare offers you a foundation that is easily customizable upon request for your complaint management system. The purpose of the complaint service hotline is to provide patients and employees another channel to voice complaints (or even give praise) for the services provided.

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Efficient feedback management with the Complaint Service Hotline of Spectos Healthcare

The complaint service hotline is a part of our solutions offered by Spectos Healthcare for an efficient feedback and complaint management. With the service hotline you can gather feedback from your patients in an empathic manner. Move the first step of your complaint management to our Support Center: Here we accept all concerns concerning the hospital stay of your patients and assign them directly to the responsible departments or employees. This allows you to react to the wishes and needs of your patients while they are still in hospital and at the same time relieve your staff.

Complaint hotline as part of the multi-channel healthcare surveys

Your benefits of a Complaint Service Hotline with Spectos Healthcare

  • Personal complaint management
  • External feedback channel that assigns feedback directly to persons responsible
  • Relief of the personnel
  • Timely response to complaints
  • Improvement of patient satisfaction and service quality
  • Active image work
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Immediate, personal and close: The Spectos Complaint Hotline

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Together with you we develop a support that is tailored to your objectives. You determine the availability of the complaint hotline and the contact points at which your patients learn about the hotline. Our experts will develop a unique complaint management system that responds to incoming feedback the way you want it.

Technologies used for the complaint service hotline

  • All workstations equipped with Windows 2010
  • User interface set up with Unify Client
  • Real-time reporting and supervision
  • Real-time evaluations for customers
  • In-house solutions PHP/JavaScript
  • MySQL Databases
  • Enables specific feedback requests for contacting

Thanks to an integrated and automatic ticket system, you can always keep an eye on all inquiries and complaints. Alerts and reminders via email or app inform those responsible about the current status and new incoming messages.

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