After nearly 30 years, WMX is returning to London with interesting topics that have a huge impact on the postal & logistics industry. What is WMX Europe? The World Mail & Express Europe Conference is an international trade event for professionals in the post and parcel industry. The conference offers three days of keynote speeches, case studies, open discussions and hours of free networking time.

This years’ agendas include postal perspectives, implications of Brexit for the UK and all of Europe, cross-border e-commerce and recent innovations and technologies.

Don’t miss Spectos CEO Niels Delater, who will be a key speaker at this event in the session Technology: Bridging the Gap on June 13th from 11 am. His topic:

Making Big Data operational – How to define and utilize relevant data for better operational efficiency and service quality

Postal and Parcel companies are producing an abundance of data every day. But whenever precise data is needed to answer critical operational questions, high efforts must be taken for the right insights to be created. Information must have a purpose for the organization asking for it. Qualitative and quantitative data must be combined in an effective way for all stakeholders to benefit from it. Two aspects are of key importance for providing these insights: state-of-the-art technology and customized analytics. Using modern technologies such as RFID and Trackers ensures that all processes in the logistics chain are measured end-to-end. When defining the analytics process, the application of methods such as Six Sigma ensures that processes are evaluated from a customer’s perspective for important data from the customer journey. This holistic approach of collecting data with purpose, combining the right data sources and bringing insight to the people who need it every day via customized dashboards can help to transform postal operations into data-driven and customer-centric services.(see also Are postal companies Big data companies?)

Lecture Tip: Niels will be speaking on Day Three of the event, during the ‘Technology: Bridging the Gap’ sessions. Please check times and location on WMX Europe’s agenda.


June 11, 2018 @ 8:00 am


June 13, 2018 @ 5:00 pm