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Optimized CX with real-time supply chain visibility

Mar 3, 2020


Optimized CX with real-time supply chain visibility

Mar 3, 2020


When important goods are shipped, customers expect optimal routes and on-time delivery. In addition, customers expect supply chain transparency from start to finish, which includes real-time visibility, status updates and forecasts of expected delivery. To ensure an optimal customer experience, a continuous quality monitoring of transport procedures and delivery processes is necessary, which can be realized through end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Kizy Live Tracker bring visibility in every supply chain

Spectos uses the Kizy Tracking Services for quality monitoring, which provides you with all the information you will need for an optimal management of your supply chain. With Kizy you benefit from the constant transparency of the supply chain, from sender to recipient. Receive automatic notifications of shipment deviations or delays and react immediately. Learn more about the powerful Kizy tracking solution* in our webinar and stay independent of delivery companies and carrier!

Register to our free webinar to learn how Kizy Tracking can help you get answers to these questions in real-time:

  • Supply chain visibility and quality monitoring with Kizy Tracking ServicesDo my suppliers and forwarders adhere to agreed transport procedures and routes?
  • Where in the supply chain do delivery delays occur?
  • What is the estimated arrival of shipments, when will they be delivered to customers?
  • How can I improve the customer experience with real-time notifications of shipment arrival and delays?
  • How can I track deliveries worldwide and in real-time, even if they are in buildings and containers?

Not able to attend the webinar?

If you are interested in the webinar recording and documentation, you can still register for the webinar. After the event all participants will receive the files by e-mail.

Webinar Registration

*Kizy Tracking AG is part of the Spectos Group


March 3


5:00 pm - 5:30 pm