POST-EXPO is the leading global event for the world’s postal, parcel and express business. The 2018 POST-EXPO Conference will host expert speakers debating and discussing the key issues and future for the global postal and parcel delivery industry.

Be sure to join the book launch seminar of Exploring New Frontiers – Reshaping the Postal Industry by Derek Osborn on October 8th. The book addresses the rapid changes in the postal, parcel and logistics industry. Niels Delater of Spectos GmbH is one of the 34 contributing authors and will speak on chances for postal service providers to break new ground by intelligently using their data to improve service quality and develop innovative products.

Save the date: 8 October | Kopenhagen 3 |15:45 – 16:00 pm | Niels Delater, CEO, Spectos GmbH: The coffee machine: Big data – a chance for postal companies?

Postal and Parcel companies are producing an abundance of data every day. But how to define and utilize relevant data for better operational efficiency and service quality? Spectos has specialized in measuring delivery processes end-to-end with modern technologies. This data is intelligently analyzed and delivered via customized dashboards to help transform postal operations into data-driven and customer-centric services.

Take part in the seminar and find out what new frontiers are opening up for players in the postal and logistics market. See you at POST-EXPO 2018!


October 8, 2018


October 11, 2018