The following summary of the standards “Overview CEN standards EN 13850 and EN 14534 for transit time measurement of postal services” gives a general overview of the current version of the standards.

The heightened competition in the postal industry has led to an increase in quality awareness at both the customer’s and provider’s ends.

The provision of service quality proof has become a standard requirement for tenders, especially for transit time and delivery rate measurements. We develop monitoring systems which fulfill both international standards and customer requirements.

Since it’s impossible to completely track the delivery path of letters, unlike it is with packages, statistical processes are put into place to measure service quality in the postal industry.

Since postal services belong to the so-called group of universal services, European standards were developed to ensure the uniform measurement of transit times in the postal industry. Different types of deliveries are divided up into groups and are evaluated according to either EN 13850 or EN 14534. EN 13850 specifies the process used to measure single piece priority mail, while EN 14534 defines the process used to measure bulk or mass mail.

These standards specify the following critical aspects of a measurement system: measurement design, panel design for test receivers, and the statistical processes used to calculate and weigh the results of the measurement.