EFM Methodology vs. EFM Technology?

Collecting feedback from different streams has become an increasingly important task for many companies, but while most of them are spending their dollars on buying technology that can “solve” that problem, only few of them are actually applying the right methodology for improvement.

Lately, large market research companies are also stepping in the game by adding their expertise after the client has purchased an EFM technology so it can be used properly, which it sounds great from a theoretical point of view but practically it becomes such an expensive move that the improvement that comes from it, barely pays back the large investment, also considering that markets are evolving so fast so the strategy will need to change.

So what’s the correct answer to this question?

Companies need to purchase technology solutions that are compatible with the business methodology already in use in their organization or they run the risk to do everything around the “features” of the product, thinking that by following every feature and clicking everything it has to offer, they will reach their goal, almost like a video-game. Unfortunately reality tells a different story. The hope that more features will do the trick has been deceiving so many technology buyers from the beginning of computers.

If the solution was based on “how many features an Enterprise Feedback Management then why large companies are still using market research firms to develop a strategy for actual improvement?

So the real question that every organization should ask is: Which business improvement strategy should we use (Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen Project, etc…)? Lucky enough, our RTPM software suite combines both. Based on the principles of Six Sigma, our system supplies companies with all the features they need for performance management and continuous improvement. Learn more about Spectos technology and see for yourself.