When it comes to taking improvement measures, defining the right actions is critical after all the data has been collected. If companies are not able drive action fast, they risk to forfeit the validity of that data.

Understanding customer satisfaction key drivers is the first step of a solid plan of improvement

So how do we go about identifying Key Drivers?

First let’s understand what a Key Driver is: “A key driver is a process or condition that is vital for the continued success and growth of a business. A company must identify its business key drivers and attempt to maximize any that are under their control. There are always outside key drivers that a company cannot influence, such as economic conditions or trade relations with other nations. As organizations become more complex, identifying business drivers becomes more difficult.” Source: http://www.techopedia.com/

Let’s look at the following diagram to see where Key Drivers are positioned in big picture of the business structure.


As we can see the financial performance of the company can be easily affected by training, empowerment, coaching, and more of the employee. In order to drive improvement though we actually need to measure every process and combine Customer Feedback Data with business data to identify which Key Driver needs immediate attention.

When we combine Customer Feedback Data with Business Data this is what we are able to see.


It’s quite remarkable what you can achieve by simply adding Business Data with Customer Feedback Data.