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Vietjet Air

“With the RTPM Real-Time Performance Management solution by Spectos we are able to streamline, connect and monitor customer satisfaction at our Customer Services Department, ensuring that we always put our passengers first.”

Nguyen Phuong Thao | Service Quality Control Manager | Vietjet Air

About Vietjet Air

Vietjet Air is an international new-age airline based in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is the first privately owned airline to be established in Vietnam. The airline’s goal is to make air transport more popular in Vietnam, the region and worldwide. True to its motto “Enjoy Flying!”, the company’s mission is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing outstanding services with a friendly smile.

With a fleet size of 70 airplanes and over 108 domestic and international destinations, Vietjet Air has become the largest private airline to offer domestic services in Vietnam. The airline’s first flight was in 2011. By 2019, it carried its more than 70th millionth passenger, easily living up to its core values of providing safety, happiness, affordable prices and punctuality to all its customers.

High Customer Service Levels as Key Ingredients for Success

High customer service levels are key for Vietjets’ success in the very competitive domestic flights market. Due to huge amounts of data for airport service quality, staff at the Customer Services Department found itself inundated with data to analyze. The creation of daily reports was very complex, with much of the data manually extracted to create these reports.

When it came to complaint management, messages between departments or airports were usually sent via email, thus prolonging the customer service experience and making it difficult to access or update information.

Vietjet was in need of a system that could be customized and designed to meet its daily operational requirements. Collection, handling, monitoring and evaluation were all central to Vietjet’s ability to provide efficient customer service, and to ensure fast and effective access and control over the quality of its processes, anytime and from anywhere.

Smartphone with Vietjet Air Passenger Survey

Mobile view of the Vietjet Air Passenger Survey

Real-Time Performance Management Platform as Complete Solution

The capability for Vietjet to monitor any and all customer relevant information in real-time was essential in its decision to work with Spectos. Spectos proposed its RTPM real-time performance management software as a complete platform for performance management and continuous improvement, with solutions and modules for the ongoing monitoring of business-relevant information in real-time.

The ability of Spectos to customize and design the RTPM suite according to Vietjet’s internal control processes was of key importance to Vietjet. These controls include regular checking, ongoing data collection and classification, evaluation, assignment, monitoring and handling and reporting.

Service Excellence for Passengers and Vietjet Air

Vietjet and Spectos ran a pilot program together for 3 months at Tan Son Nhat airport. The goal of the pilot was to collect and analyze data using the RTPM suite. After the success of the pilot, Vietjet decided to apply the Spectos solution for its whole system and all 32 national and domestic airports.

All data of airport service quality evaluations from online checking questionnaires is transmitted directly to Vietjet’s Customer Service Center in real-time. At the same time, each critical feedback is evaluated and given an automatic finding. A finding system has been designed to manage and monitor all the findings and how they are resolved by the assigned individual or department.

Example of a Mobility Cockpit for Flight Providers

Example view at the Spectos Mobility Cockpit

In addition to the finding system, Spectos has provided Vietjet Air a web-based reporting system in the form of a real-time performance management platform with a customized cockpit. The RTPM solution has helped to make information clear and accessible, shortening the time of problem resolution as well as improving the service quality at all airports.

Furthermore, the use of Spectos‘ Feedbackstr Kiosk app on smartphones and tablets has allowed for data collection to become easier and more flexible. Vietjet quality evaluators can switch to offline mode and can give feedback when they are at internetless areas or during an actual flight. As soon as an internet connection is established, the data is transmitted.

All results are displayed via customized cockpits in online reports and are used as KPIs to evaluate the performance of individual airports. The reports have become an effective tool to resolve problems arising at the airports quickly, thus ensuring Vietjet Air’s commitment to continuous service quality improvement.

Vietjet Air Employees