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Seven Senders

Seven Senders supports online shops in making their parcel delivery fast, reliable and flexible by providing a Europe-wide network of last-mile carriers. With the aim of optimizing the intra-European supply chain and creating an optimal delivery network, logistics shipments are transported from the shipper to the customer via the pan-European carrier network. With over 100 parcel delivery companies and 50 connected countries, the Berlin-based company, founded in 2015, offers borderless shipping from a single source

With additional shipping services such as claims center, insurance, returns portal and labels, Seven Senders makes international shipping a simple matter. Automated shipping notifications, tracking and monitoring solutions ensure a transparent shipping process. Monthly reports and analyses enable data-based optimization of international shipping performance. Shippers receive everything from a single source, which reduces complexity.

Transport and delivery performance on the test bench with real-time trackers 

Seven Senders does not operate its own fleet but cooperates with logistics providers for transport. In order to ensure efficient delivery for its customers, the company bundles shipments from different customers. Tracking the deliveries as well as the delivery times of all shipments is of particular importance. That is why Seven Senders was looking for a tracking solution that would provide detailed insights into the supply chain and the causes of possible irregularities in shipping. The goal is to become even more informative to one’ s own customers regarding the status of shipments and delivery times. Spectos was asked to help with real-time trackers to investigate the performance of selected routes. In an initial pilot project, the live trackers were specifically used in pallets on routes where irregularities or even delivery delays had occurred in the past. The trackers transmit their position data and the movement data of the pallets in real time. In this way Seven Senders was able to gain various insights into the causes of delivery delays and delivery optimization.

Spectos provides a live tracking technology for postal & logistics.

The real-time tracker offered by Spectos convinced Seven Senders with its flexible applicability, reliable data transmission and small size.

For the test run Seven Senders compared several trackers from different companies. In comparison, the Kizy Tracker used by Spectos convinced the company the most. It not only scored best in terms of signal strength and reliable data transmission, but also impressed with a long battery life. Another advantage is the flexible use of the tracker thanks to its small, credit card size and the weight of only 42g. Furthermore, the tracking solution also convinced with a good price-performance ratio.

Transparency in Europe-wide shipping offers added value for customers

Following the completion of the pilot project, Seven Senders now uses the tracking technology offered by Spectos for monitoring complex routes. The reliable real-time transmission of data and the high location accuracy thanks to GSM connectivity enable the company to react quickly to critical events and, for example, inform logistics partners of a delayed arrival at the hub. This means that Seven Senders can provide its customers at any time with information about the status of shipments and the delivery process. In addition, Seven Senders uses the live trackers on a random sample basis in order to adapt existing transport solutions for logistics routes with the transparency gained.


Key Facts

  • Europe-wide network of last-mile carriers
  • Borderless shipping from a single source
  • Over 100 parcel delivery companies & 50 connected countries


  • Real-time insights in transport routes & traceability of shipments
  • Identification of causes for delivery delays
  • Ability to react quickly to critical events

Spectos Solution

  • Transparency of complex logistics routes through real-time tracking data
  • Data provides insights into delivery processes for the optimization of transport solutions
  • Live tracking technology enables end-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Great customer experience thanks to real-time loT data
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