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Post Luxembourg

Spectos has delivered a complete and thorough insight into our processes. The easy to use dashboards of Spectos enable us to see at a glance every test letter and have transparent and easy to understand reports available online.

Nicolas Malaisé| Quality Manager | POST Luxembourg

About POST Luxembourg

Representing 43 nationalities and over 4300 employees, POST Luxembourg Group is the largest employer in Luxembourg. Since 1992, POST Luxembourg has been wholly state owned. The largest provider of postal and telecommunications services, its other offerings include financial and philatelic services.

A new way to end-to-end

POST Luxembourg wanted a clear and transparent overview of its activities from the moment a letter is inducted into their postal system. Thus, POST Luxembourg began looking for a quality management provider who could set up a transit time measurement system. Of key importance to POST Luxembourg was measuring its quality of services from distribution centers, mail pick-ups and deliveries. Furthermore, importance was laid on finding out how processes at the sorting center are affected by franking types, mail formats and address formats.

Spectos was awarded the tender in 2017 to perform the work throughout Luxembourg according to real mail values. At the beginning of 2018, Spectos Postal & Logistics’ experts immediately went to work by setting up and designing the measurement system, keeping into consideration and respecting the postal standards and norms, the requirements of POST Luxembourg as well as the country structure.

Spectos‘ experienced support center handled the setting up and the training of a system of panelists in the country while keeping in mind of the different philately modes, such as stamps, franking machine or prepaid postage. The panelists are trained according to internal processes and also in using multi-channel tools in the reporting of test letters. They are required to deliver test letters for specific times of the day that adhere to POST Luxembourg induction times for letters. Furthermore, they are required to record on the receiving of letters. Regular reporting is done by the panelists via multiple channels, including the Mailagenten platform. These results are then compared to declared mailbox empty times vs. mailbox empty habits for receivers.

Transparency at multiple levels

The reports that are created by the Spectos project management team are provided to POST Luxembourg on a daily basis via dashboards for the organization to review. The dashboards allow for transparent and easy to read reports at a glance, made available for those responsible for quality control at POST Luxembourg conveniently via online tools. The measurement results are laid out in two formats:  One as a live overview of all regions, locations, sending and receipt date, etc. The second overview format is for closed reports. POST Luxembourg can determine who has access to these reports, thus giving up to four levels of access to their managers across Luxembourg.

RFID and the future

Presently, POST Luxembourg is considering of integrating RFID in its tests items, which should help them to determine the exact reasons for any delays between sending and receiving items. The analysis will thus be able to deliver precise information on collection and distribution and to better define the source of delays. The tool should also enable POST Luxembourg to quickly obtain national and international results on the same platform, thus enabling faster and more efficient comparison and analyses.

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