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Happy Pizza

The customer-oriented pizza delivery company Happy Pizza is well-known in Dresden, Germany, and surrounding areas for its service-focused attitude. It owes its growing success not only to the delicious pizza they deliver, but also to its ‘happy customers’.

But what exactly makes Happy Pizza customers smile? Firstly, the Dresden-based company attaches great importance to fresh locally-produced ingredients. The home-made dough is famous for being made on-site and when ready to serve, give customers a crispy direct from the oven taste.

Secondly, the company focuses on continuously measuring customer experience and customer satisfaction. The question lies in how does the management and the individual store teams manage to implement the customer service aspect into their daily tasks?

A Feedback Solution for Both Customers and Employees

The food delivery business is a fast-paced and labor-intensive industry. Happy Pizza needed a feedback tool that worked as fast as its employees. Another important consideration that the company had was that a feedback solution provide a technical interface included in the ordering service. This way feedback could be attributed to a particular order and delivery driver. Feedback from specific customers could be easily examined and evaluated.

Feedback Management at Happy Pizza

Happy Customers = Happy Pizza

Spectos has collaborated with Happy Pizza in putting together a suitable concept that works well with the clients of the pizza experts. Feedbackstr, the solution platform of Spectos has been used in implementing the wants and needs of the company. Customers who have entered their mobile numbers while placing an order will receive a short and direct text message. They are encouraged to submit feedback about their orders through a protected interface.

Customers are asked one simple but very important question: “How likely are you to Happy Pizza Text Message Feedbackrecommend Happy Pizza to a friend or colleague?”. Due to the directness of this question, the participation rate has increased and has become a continuous source of feedback.

A Part of the Happy Pizza Family

Feedbackstr has become an important part of the 3 Happy Pizza locations in Dresden and the surrounding area. Displays showing customer feedback in real-time have been placed in the kitchens of these locations. This way, the Happy Pizza team is knowledgeable and directly informed to the satisfaction levels of their customers. The benefit of this is the reaction time from the staff in ensuring no customer is left unhappy. Selected customers are directly contacted by the restaurant managers after submitting feedback, whether positive or negative, to thank them or to probe the reasons for any issues and resolve them. The feedback data is also used during team meetings to explore and improve customer service.

On a daily basis the executive management level at Happy Pizza reviews and compares the performance results of all store locations through the easy-to-use Feedbackstr cockpits and interface. This keeps the already very busy CEO well up-to-date with all the going-ons within the company!

Key Facts

  • Overarching deployment at all 3 locations
  • Fast & quick response to customer needs
  • High customer service


  • Quick and easy feedback solution for customers and employees
  • Fast-paced and labor intensive industry
  • Direct attribution of feedback to particular order and delivery driver

Spectos Solution

  • Real-time analysis of customer feedback
  • Direct text messages
  • Submission of feedback through protected interface
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