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A Café Just like Home

Coffee Fellows

Coffee Fellows was founded in Munich in 1999. The coffee house easily lives up to its slogan, ‘Feel at Home’; it is well known for its excellent quality in coffee and pleasant atmosphere. Not only known for their coffee, Coffee Fellows also offers many varieties of fresh bagels ranging from the sweet to salty types. Currently, the franchise employs over 1500 employees in over 200 shops.

How many coffees to go?

The request from Coffee Fellows to Spectos was for the creation of a general customer satisfaction survey for all of the franchise coffee houses. The overall result, should be a strengthening of customer loyalty. Initially, the work and surveying began with 4 cafes. At the onset, Spectos’ biggest challenge was convincing the management of the high quality of the survey and to market to its customers.

A Café with Feedback

The customers of the individual cafes were given access to the surveys via table advertisements. Through these table advertisements, a person could scan a QR code and be directed to participate in the questionnaire. Additionally, other marketing materials were used, for example flyers were displayed at the cashier counter so that customers paying could take part in the survey after or before payment. In this way, all customers could give their opinion on the overall service of Coffee Fellows. The numbers do not lie, from the initial pilot phase till now, the high number of results collected have effectively helped Coffee Fellows achieve very satisfied customers!

Café number 200!

Based on the results, Coffee Fellows GmbH is able to adapt its product offerings to ever changing customer trends. The results also help in identifying weak points in service and creating solutions for them. The franchise is always sharpening its image as an innovative and customer oriented company. Coffee Fellows is always looking to Spectos’ innovative analysis and evaluation tools to compare and keep of its now more than 200 coffee houses (and still growing!).

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